5 Cities with an Unexpectedly Great Film Scene

by May 14, 2018

Where you are located is a huge factor relating to your success in the theatre and film industry. Let’s face it, if you’re hanging out in North Dakota you probably don’t have the greatest shot at skyrocketing into a blossoming film career.

As such, in conjunction with a previous article regarding what some of the best cities for theatre currently are (even if you wouldn’t have necessarily thought of them right off the bat), here’s a compilation of some of the Cities with an Unexpectedly Great Film Scene. Enjoy perusing, and best of luck with packing when you decide to move!


Atlanta, Georgia

Alright, at this point it might be slightly inaccurate to put this city on a list of places that “unexpectedly” have a great film scene. Atlanta has become more and more known for its growing film industry and has thus been on people’s radars. However, since it is kind of a big deal right now, we thought it relevant to list. Ever heard of “Vampire Diaries”, “The Walking Dead” or Black Panther? Yep, those were based in Atlanta.

Atlanta has huge incentives that are promoting the success and rapid growth of film in the city. Needless to say, it might be a good idea to check it out.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Yep, that’s correct, we’re getting adventurous and heading out of the U.S.A, right on up to Canada. Vancouver was the filming location for 24 television series in 2017, and 6 new pilots. Not too shabby! The city not only boasts a large amount of commercial and popular film work. They also have great opportunities for indie film. Toronto is a huge deal in the film industry too, if you’re already in the Canada area.

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Austin, Texas

Are you just loving how alphabetically organized this list is? Well logical organization aside, Austin, Texas is still a great place to pursue film. The Academy Award-nominated film Boyhood was based in Austin. The University of Texas also creates connections by way of student filmmakers or those who are newly graduated. Plus Texas has a pretty good cost of living, so if you aren’t booking work right away, you won’t be starving in a tiny, rat-infested studio apartment. Score!

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Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Breaking Bad” is probably one of the most significant projects associated with this dusty city in New Mexico. The Brave and No Country for Old Men are two more. With $505 million spent on film in the 2017 fiscal year, Albuquerque is a good place to be!

For a huge list of all the film productions that have been shot there, click here.

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Miami, Florida

Miami is home to a great commercial scene, and has also been the shooting location for projects.  Titles include: “The Glades”, “Burn Notice” and Golden Girls, as well as the 2017 Academy Award Best Picture winner. So…yeah. Pretty nice. Miami is also home to a plethora of film festivals, such as the Borscht Film Festival, the American Black Film Festival, and the Miami Film Festival. Also it’s Miami. That in and of itself is pretty cool.

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