5 Famous Couples Who Met on Stage

by Mar 8, 2018

Ahh, the glamor and romance of the silver screen. As you may remember from a previous CallBoard article, “5 Famous Couples Who Met on Set”, filming a movie can be the perfect setting for a budding romance to blossom. What about rehearsing for a play? The majority of actors got their start or have participated in stage productions, and the experience of walking into rehearsal and seeing someone who particularly catches your eye is not uncommon.

It’s so ordinary that we theatre eccentrics even have a name for when two cast members fall for each other (courtesy of vocabulary hearkening back to high school): the showmance. This was also briefly referenced in our last article, but it’s a pressing issue and merits attention all on its own. It’s an occurrence spreading throughout theatre society even today. And in case you were wondering, the plague of showmances doesn’t just dissipate once you become successful and famous. In fact, famous people are susceptible too. There is no cure, and millions of lives have been impacted by this prevalent set of circumstances. Guess it worked out pretty well for these guys though!

And now, for your reading pleasure, here’s a list of 5 famous couples who met by way of performing on stage.


Kelli Barrett and Jarrod Spector

This couple met at the New York Theatre Workshop in 2009 while helping with the development of the rock and roll musical Piece of my Heart. They became close friends and eventually fell in love. After a year of marriage, they performed in a show called Look at it My Way, which will run at Feinstein’s/ 54 Below. The show followed the story of their relationship while referencing the couple’s favorite film, When Harry Met Sally. I’m sorry, playing opposite of the love of your life and starring in a production you both came up with? Can it get any better than that? Didn’t think so.

Kelli Barrett and Jarrod Spector - CallBoard


Audra McDonald and Will Swenson

110 in the Shade is a love story, right? Well, it definitely was for these two! McDonald and Swenson met in a revival of this musical in 2007. McDonald was nominated for a Tony (you know, just casually) for her work in the leading role, and Swenson was the understudy for Starbuck. The two were married and 2012!

Audra McDonald and Will Swenson - CallBoard


Orfeh and Andy Karl

This couple met working on a production of Saturday Night Fever in 2000. Orfeh had originally been cast, and then Karl joined a little later as a replacement. They now continue to work as actors, following their dreams together. Yep, pretty dang cute.

Orfeh and Andy Karl - CallBoard


Anne Jackson and Eli Wallach

A throwback to 1946, when these two met by way of the production of Tennessee Williams’ play This Property Is Condemned. The story from there is amazing. They were married in 1938 and enjoyed the rest of their lives together. They also continued to work on stage and film, both having successful and fulfilling careers. Jackson earned multiple Tony nominations, and Wallach was the recipient of an honorary Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement. The couple was known to give support and positive feedback to each other to aid in their performances.

Anne Jackson and Eli Wallach 2 - CallBoard


Laura Osnes and Nathan Johnson

Alright, this one is almost too amazingly darling to be true. Osnes and Johnson were both working on a children’s theatre production of Disney’s Aladdin, understudying Aladdin and Jasmine. When the original actors cast in the roles had an onstage accident, these two ended up performing in the leading roles for the run of the production. Their fellow performers were ok in the end, and this dynamic duo embarked on a journey into “a whole new world”: blissful matrimony.

Laura Osnes and Nathan Johnson - CallBoard

What other cute Broadway couples do you love? Feel free to comment below!

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