A Holiday Gift Guideline for Actors and Directors

by Dec 18, 2017

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As an actor, having a body free of tension allows for freedom of movement, vocalization, and overall expression

Well, it’s that time of year again. Dreidels are being spun, Christmas trees are being trimmed, and, if you’re lucky, small fluffy pieces of frozen water are falling from the sky in your area! Regardless of the holiday you might be celebrating, having a gift in mind for the actors and directors in your life is never a bad idea. So buckle up, because CallBoard has put together a comprehensive, life-changing list of holiday gifts for actors and directors that you are ever going to find! Alright…that might be an exaggeration…but we think it’s pretty good!

1. A Water Bottle

This might seem like a dumb, inconsequential thing, but did you know that 100% of people who never drink water end up dying? Ok, horrible jokes aside though, a good water bottle can be a priceless thing. Not only does it affect your loved one’s general health, but it also has a huge impact on their ability to do their job well! Whether it’s for rehearsal or on set,  a nice personal water bottle is convenient and appealing. Because which sounds better to you: a lame, disposable plastic bottle, or some snazzy, steel leopard print situation? That’s what I thought. Check out a sweet list of water bottles created by Katie Brennan for Actors Pro Expo.

2. Books

As mentioned in some of our previous articles, books can be a great thing when someone has downtime on set. Or when they’re looking to revamp their directing skills. Or when they want to take a new direction in their career. Plus, if you give the actor or director you love a book, then you can just rewrap it next year, encourage them to give it a read again, and thus save on gifts. Some books we like include On Directing Film by David Mamet, The Artist’s Compass by Rachel S. Moore, A Sense of Direction by William Ball and The Art of Acting by Stella Adler. View our top booklist for actors.

3. A Duffle Bag

Ever noticed how your friends in film and theatre always seem to be caring around a ton of crap? True, maybe they really are just disorganized and eclectic. But even if that is the case, you love ‘em anyway and probably want to help them out! A duffle bag is a must-have for dance calls, days on set as an extra, or unexpected travel. Places like L.L. Bean, Target, Backcountry or good old Amazon supply a bags with a variety of styles and price ranges.

4. A Massage

As an actor, having a body free of tension allows for freedom of movement, vocalization, and overall expression. Both actors and directors spend a lot of time up and moving, and long days at rehearsal or on set are the norm. Not to mention the stress that comes with any kind of employment. And honestly, who doesn’t want a massage? People who hate happiness, that’s who. Because how your body feels affects everything else about you! Get a certificate for a massage, give it your actor or director, and know that you’re helping them out mentally, emotionally and physically.

5. A Subscription to CallBoard

Like our shameless plug? No, but seriously, Callbaord is a great deal that garners long-term benefits. It’s $10 for membership for A YEAR and gives actors and directors an invaluable resource to connect them with other industry professionals. Your loved one will thank you. So check it out!

What do you think? Any other items that you’d add to the list? Whatever you end up getting for the artists in your life (or whatever you subtly suggest that people get you), we wish you the very best of luck. And happy holidays from all of us here at CallBoard!

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A duffle bag is a must-have for dance calls, days on set as an extra, or unexpected travel.


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