Agency Agreements

The information below is only offered to talent agencies. Please only share this page with those who own or work for a talent agency.


As a company, we welcome the opportunity to work with local agencies. Our goal is to provide the talent that you represent with access to publicly posted auditions. By giving actors access to our website, we are confident that they will gain an increased number of acting opportunities in this industry.

We have contacted you because we saw that your agency represents only experienced talent. This is exactly what our casting directors are looking for.

The Agreement

There are many benefits to having your actors create an account on CallBoard. But by partnering with us you will gain the following unique benefits only offered to talent agencies:


CallBoard Provides: Talent Agency Provides:

Discounted Memberships.

All memberships purchased for those in the talent agency will be at a discounted rate (30% off).

Annual Invoice.

The agency will pay the discounted rate for their actor’s accounts. All accounts created through the agency’s unique URL will be billed directly to the agency.

A Featured Spot on CallBoard’s Website.

The talent agency will be listed as an affiliated company and will also be given a unique page on CallBoard’s website talking about the agency.

Represented Talent.

The agency will have the talent that they represent create an account on CallBoard. This includes filling out the profile page so casting directors can hire them.

A Free Admin Account.

The talent agency will gain login credentials and access CallBoard’s resources (ability to post auditions, search for actors, etc).

Correct Representation.

Actors will be able to list their talent agency on their profile. This is helpful if the agency would like to directly manage the discussions with casting directors.

Apply For Partnership

If you are interested in having your actors gain access to the auditions our casting directors have posted, please email us: [email protected]! We would love to talk to you on the phone or over email to answer you questions.

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