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Jennifer Cifuentes


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CASTING CALL! I need a 11/12-year-old young version of Juliana Cifuentes (Instagram: @julianacifuentesofficial). This is for some flashback scenes.
The production is “Power of Rah!”. Offering copy, credit, and meals. Deferred payment may be a possibility. Prefer an Atlanta local. We won’t know our Union status until SAG gets back to us, but we have applied. Filming will happen sometime between May 1 and July 31, 2020. www.PowerofRAH.com
Below are some reference photos. (First one is of Juliana now. The others are her at age 12. Ignore the blue eyes. She used to wear blue contacts for fun.) Juliana is half Guatemalan and half German with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Experience with any kind of competition cheerleading and/or tumbling is a plus, but not necessary. Audition sides can be downloaded
**A note to help you with your audition. No matter if it’s a sprained ankle or a brain tumor, the first question allstar cheerleaders have for their doctor is, “When can I cheer again?” So when 12-year-old Maya hears she can never again compete in the sport she loves, she is devastated. She has worked since the age of 4 to be able to compete at the World Championship level, to have it all taken away because of an accident.**

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