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Jim King


If you would like to work on this monologue with me in person and on camera send me a message. and we can set up a time.
you’re not wrong. you’re not.I know
I’m garbage..and everyday I wish I
was dead.. every day is a struggle
for me in almost every way…i
stink because I don’t have running
water where I live and can’t take a
bath. So I use places like the
laundromat, car washes, or public
bathrooms and wash myself in the
sinks… I carry old pop bottles
filled with water so when I get
home I can fill up the back of the
toilet to flush it.I have had to
drink boiled rain water more
times than I could count. I steal
crayons from the elementary near
the place I live so I can make
candles and don’t have to sleep in
the dark to help keep the cockroaches
off me because I don’t have
electricity. I look for food in
dumpsters…moldy food thrown out
by restaurants, or old cans of
dog food in the back of the grocery
store… if I’m lucky it’s only a
few days old instead of weeks
old… and most times I can’t get
more than two bites before it makes
me throw up. So now the thought
of eating makes me sick that’s
way I’m so skinny and have no
I have absolutely no money to live
on and I can’t get a job because
I don’t know how to read so I can’t
fill out the applications… which
is why I steal things that I need.I’m
a desperate, ugly little girl who
has to break into trailers looking
for anything she can find to sell
or use. I bust open the walls for the
electric wire so I scrap the wire
for a few dollars. and the cloths I
wear aren’t for fashion they’re
just the only things I can find
what people left behind….
i wear them as long as I can cause
they’re so hard for me to get. So I
hot glue the holes in my shoes
and hot glue patches on my pants and
(Printed with the demonstration version of Fade In)
Other kids get warm homes and junk
DESTINY (cont’d)
food and complain about not getting
to stay out after 10 or that they
didn’t get the lead role in the
school play. But I would be happy
if I new my real name , or when my
birthday is, or who my parents
are, or where they are. I fight the
most soul killing loneliness. I
don’t know who I am or where I
belong in this world. I come to
class just so I don’t have to feel
so by myself all the time.. you
were so right when you said I
don’t have anyone to leave a
suicide note to. I really don’t.
and every day I wish I was dead.
but the 1st day you talked to me
was the 1st day I didn’t want to
kill myself.
and even though every time you talk
to me you are rude, hurtful and
full of awful words I know those
words are for me. and That means
someone in this world is thinking
about me.. like me or hate me that
makes you the best friend I ever
had…and you know the worst part
isn’t the words.. it’s the part
where you walk away and I’m alone
again.. so I came here tonight to be
near you because you make me feel
a lot less alone in this world… I
tried to make my self pretty or a
little less ugly. but I will always
just be garbage.
I’m sorry I don’t inspire you.
I’m sorry I’m always making you
upset, I’m sorry I’m just a pile
of used condoms and bloody
tampons to you but to me
you are perfect.. your are
beautiful… you are a KING and you
are brilliant at everything you do.
and you really are the best friend
I ever had…thank you for seeing
me, thank you for talking to me.
promise i won’t bother you anymore.

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