Jon Price

Males and Females 18+

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Casting Call
Youngstown area.
Scheduled shooting dates as of right now:
August 20th, 28th and 29th. Some other dates as needed.
The Youngstown portion of the film will take place in Eyam, England in 1665 when the Bubonic Plague ravaged the country leaving many dead. The film is historically accurate and will depict actual events in recorded history. This is a very emotional drama and it would need to be understood before applying.
*Note* this film does not have major lead roles. In this film everyone is as important as everyone else. All people are important.
Needed Charecters:
Harbor Master
Ship Captain
Alexander Hadfield-Clothing maker. Older male
Mrs Hadfield- older woman
George Viccars- male 20’s clothing maker apprentice. First victim.
Delivery Man- male any age
Church goers, towns people males and females all ages. Extras. All needed
Emmot- female 20’s falling in love. Then falls victim
Rowland- male 20’s. falls I love with Emmot
2 male who carry dead bodies.
Old town drunk. Male
Very very old skinny male who is buried alive. (Has to be very talented in emotions) will have dirt thrown on him.
Few dead body extras.
Emmots mother and father
Talking man. And age male
Old famous lady. (very old if possible and can display high emotion)
Catherine mompesson. Wife late 30’s.

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