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Jameel Yousif

multiple roles

Huge project and huge opportunity for Actors in the Arizona area. Building a huge budget for a major short film pilot called “A Story Of Magic” created by myself. Goal: to get a major sponsor to pick up this pilot for a full length movie 🎥

Simulation World Company and I are the process of production and collaboration while building a big enough budget to acquire the professional cinematography/audio/light crew. Also, this is a chance for any actors Union or Non-Union to get casted in this project and expose themselves well ahead of the actual audition dates which are also TBD as of right now. Their IG: https://instagram.com/simulationworldco?igshid=edbjl32lu7yx

Pay: TBD (food/drink and transportation will be compensated)
Film Dates: TBD (most likely 2021)
IMDb credit for all roles!

SUPPORT THE SHORT FILM FUNDRAISER BELOW TO GIVE ARIZONA ACTORS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHINE! LET’S PUT AZ ON THE MAP WITH THIS ONE! SHARE/TAG ANYONE who would love to participate or be a part of this production. Financial goal shows $20,000 which is a long stretch and the reason we will start in 2021 BUT we are trying to make this project truly a professional and magical experience and once we hit 10k we will start the filming process! **There will be behind the scenes footage, photography and edited reels for all actors to have after production to have for their resumes and future submissions for other projects.**

Also, not sure why my face is the cover photo for the fundraiser when it should be the teaser poster for the film. That picture will be shown in the comments below. LOL


Three Hilltop high school students living different kinds of lifestyles all end up in the same detention class. What they don’t know is their detention proctor is a magical wizard who will take them all on a journey through their own inner turmoils and thoughts to teach them a life lesson.

Casting for these roles:

MR. OSWALD (wizard proctor)/JANITOR: LEAD MALE and double role. Substitute teacher, proctor for detention. Seriously creepy but mysteriously humorous. Oswald loves to enlighten with his philosophical phrases but his intentions are moral hearted. White male but open to all ethnicities if the role fits, Late 20’s-early 30s.

JESSICA: LEAD FEMALE, 17-18 year old hispanic female. (Open to older ages submitting for the role, especially if you look like a High Schooler). Senior with an attitude. Sarcastically rude. Does not associate with any specific clique in high school because she is her own free spirit. Was raised by man immigrant family and struggles with inner turmoil facing racial injustice.

CISCO: LEAD MALE, 17-18 year old male. Any ethnicity. (Open to older ages submitting for the role, especially if you look like a High Schooler) Class clown kind of guy but always does what is morally right. Loves to protect other high schoolers from bullies because he feels the need to be a hero since his home life is abusive and vulgar. He faces the inner turmoil of what’s right and wrong all the time and trying to understand how sacrifice can go a long way.

JAKE: LEAD MALE,17-18 year old. African-American Male (Open to any age who wants to submit and looks like a High Schooler) Football Jock and most popular kid on campus. Very cocky, confident and handsome but deals with the inner struggles of being a gay athlete and is too afraid to be himself in front of his family and friends.


JESSICA’S DAD: SUPPORTING ROLE, Older hispanic male 30s-50s. A law abiding citizen just trying to make it by with his immigrant wife and daughter.

JESSICA’S MOM: SUPPORTING ROLE, Immigrant hispanic lady living in the US. 30s-40s.

POLICE OFFICER: SUPPORTING ROLE,American caucasian police officer, mid 30s with a douchebag racist mentality. Not a very moral officer.

CISCO’S MOM: SUPPORTING ROLE,Very caring, kind and passive mother who is in a terrible marriage with an abusive husband who commits domestic violence on the daily. Mid 30s.

CISCO’S DAD: SUPPORTING ROLE, Aggressive and abusive Father and husband. Sloppy and angry drunk.Husky fellow with a scruffy beard. Mid 40s.

LOCKER ROOM TEAMMATE #1: SUPPORTING ROLE, 17-18 year old male, athlete (open to any age that fits the high schooler role). Any ethnicity.

LOCKER ROOM TEAMMATE #2: SUPPORTING ROLE, 17-18 year old male, athlete (open to any age that fits the high schooler role). Any ethnicity.

EXTRAS/BACKGROUND ACTORS: All ethnicities, male/female, 17-18 year old (all ages are acceptable if you look like a high schooler)

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