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Lipscomb University Period Thesis Film Novena
Logline: When two teenage Catholic girls in the 1950’s discover a book on how to win over any man, they attempt to put it into practice. However, when a new boy moves into their neighborhood Sally discovers she’ll need to do more than pray Novenas and read books to win marital bliss.
Director: Kate Vick
Genre: Comedy
Shoots: Late July
Auditions: June 03 – June 10 after 7:30PM (Over Zoom. In person auditions for callbacks.)
Sally (13-16): An eccentric young Catholic girl with a love of mischief. Sally hopes to earn Bill’s affection by any means possible.
Molly (13-16): A cunning young Catholic, and Sally’s best friend. Together they plot to win over Bill.
Bill (13-17): The new-kid in town. Bill is a comically devout Catholic unaware of Sally’s attempts at love.
Mrs. Treadway (30+): Our narrator and author of “Mrs. Treadway’s Foolproof Guide to Understanding and Influencing the Male Species,” which Sally and Molly follow in their partnership efforts.

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