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David Pierson

Males and Females 18-30

A Conscience is a Terrible Thing to Waste
This is a casting call for actors interested in being part of a student film.
The Premise-
Peter and Jennifer are a young couple struggling with finances and looming debt. One
day, Peter receives a mysterious package from his distant billionaire father. The package
contains a strange watch-like device and an ominous set of instructions. If Peter turns on the
device, it will start glowing, and he has until the light goes out to make a decision: receive his
massive inheritance, which will cause a random person to die, or forfeit the money and prevent
any harm from occurring. Peter turns on the device, but as he interacts with the people in his
life, an uneasy feeling starts to sink in. Will Peter claim his money, or will his guilt get the better
of him? He’d better decide fast, because the clock is ticking. (Genre: Dramatic Science Fiction)
Peter- Lead: (Male, ages 20-30) A college student struggling with debt. Comes from wealth, but
receives no financial support. Good natured, with a slightly cynical side.
Jennifer- Supporting Role: (Female, ages 20-30) She’s kind and gentle. She and Peter support
each other in their financial struggles.
Hector- Supporting Role: (Male, ages 22-28) Jovial and friendly. Relationship oriented. A close
friend of Peter’s from college.
Melissa-Supporting Role: (Female, ages 18-26) An employee of the local bakery where Peter
goes to get coffee and hang out. She has a bit of a nihilistic edge, but is conversational and

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