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The Local Artist Project

Males and Females 16+

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Must be 16 +
streams September 3-5, 2021 ๐Ÿ™‚
Video auditions are now open for those interested in being in a fun new musical! Made to look like a movie musical – it’s Clue meets an Agatha Christie novel! It’ll stream September 3 – 5! When Varthur McArthur, the artistic director of a failing theater in Duluth, invites his troupe of disgruntled actors and collaborators to the first read of an “immersive murder mystery dinner party,” no one knew that he would be the victim. Or did they? Enter the eager, determined, and untested Detective Case. After sequestering the guests into separate rooms (because, you know, social-distancing), she gets down to finding out whodunnit, uncovering secret affairs, life-long grudges, backstage drama, and a lot of musical theater song and dance. Sifting through lies and red herrings and a truly baffling murder mystery script left by the deceased, Case vows to find the truth and secure her future as a great detective.

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