• Film
  • Short Film
  • Los Angeles
  • June 19, 2021

Kai Perez

various roles

Title: A long Awaited Conversation
SHOOT DATE: End of June
Location: Los Angeles
Looking for Actors and Actresses for the roles below.
Waiter: Male, Caucasian. A thin man with ghostly hands. Long skeletal-like fingers. Has a very dapper way of speaking. The face of the waiter won’t be seen in the film. We will have him from the shoulders down. Really looking for hands that have long fingers to have them look like they are aging throughout the film.
Nancy: Female, Caucasian. Petite and seemingly delicate, her strong, stoic confidence has kept her standing tall through the years. The exterior she has built over many years to hide her emotions away is brittle and often cracks during this long-awaited conversation. A theater background is a plus. Must have strong acting skills. No movement or blocking in the scene. Must carry dialogue through subtle actions and body movements.

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