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Jeremiahya Anderson

multiple roles

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    • RAYMOND KING (African American. Late 20’s. One of Ike’s band, The Kings of Rhythm. Has undeniable chemistry with Tina. Charming. Hates the abuse Ike inflicts on Tina.)
    • ROGER DAVIES (Caucasian, 30’s. Tina’s prolific manager who turned her career around after leaving Ike.)
    • RICHARD BULLOCK (Anna Mae’s (Tina’s) Father and Zelma’s husband. A Preacher. Full of passion, fire and spirit. Has a violent, fiery relationship with Zelma)
    • PHIL SPECTOR (Male, 30’s. Caucasian. The prolific record producer, musician, songwriter, and businessman. Signed Ike and Tina to his label. An eccentric genius, looking for a very strong character actor with excellent comedic instincts.)
  • ERWIN BACH (Male, 20’s. Caucasian. Tina’s German marketing manager who she falls in love with and later marries. The couple remain married to this day. Younger than Tina, charismatic, gentle, clearly intelligent and handsome. GERMAN ACCENT A HUGE PLUS)
  • TINA TURNER (Seeking a charismatic leading actress with huge star quality. Feisty. Must be able to dance very well.)
  • GRAN GEORGANNA (African American/mixed race. Tina’s grandmother. She’s more Tina’s mother than Zelma has ever been. Supportive.)

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