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A Trip to Purpose Land The Musical Casting Call!! I am so excited!! This project is going to be a super cool and inspiring! It will be a great way to meet good people and gain some on set experience!!! Check out the details below!!
B.E.E. Inspiring Inc & 8thWonder Filmworks Presents..
A Trip To Purpose Land The Musical
Written and Produced by Sylvia Denise
Executive Produced and Directed by Reginald L. Moser
Project Description: An inspiring musical short film.
Logline: Take a trip to Purpose Land with the Bakers, siblings Devin and Kinsey who have been placed in a dreadful foster home after losing their mother to an overdose and no remaining family to take them in, The Baker’s trauma leads them to discover a whimsical place filled with love, joy, inspiring songs and life lessons.
Location of shoot: Douglasville, GA
Date of Shoot: TDB – but looking at the second week of September 2021
Union Status: Non-union
Compensation: Un-paid, *Cast and Crew will receive copy, credit and food*
Covid-19 Considerations: *Social Distancing will be observed whenever possible*
Email to submit for role:
*If selected auditions will be self-taped and callbacks will be in person*
Character information
Foster Mother Janice Ethel:(A,A) Age: 47:(must be able to sing) ..Foster care mother over 7 years. She has been fostering the Bakers for 2 weeks now. Since they were put in her care. All she cares about is her monthly government deposit and misses the life of when she used to be a nightclub background singer.
Papa Purpose: (A,A) Age: 55 ( Tall, Average Build, Infectious Smile, Captivating Voice, Loving and Knowledgeable) Loving and Proud man that acts as a guide to the bakers throughout Purpose Land, He has undeniable love for young people and helping them discover who they are, because he knows first hand what it feels like to not be loved or supported genuinely.
Devin Baker: (A,A) (M) Age: 15 (Sad, insecure, has a big heart , suffering from depression) Oldest Baker Sibling. Devin is in school, with plans of attending medical school to become a doctor. He makes straight A’s but is severely depressed after his mother’s death and being put in foster care. He loves his sister dearly but feels very overwhelmed and alone.
Kinsey Baker: (A,A) Age: 13 (sad, shy, suffering from anxiety) Kinsey is very shy and ever since losing her mother and being placed in foster care she withdraws from reality more than ever. She struggles to make new friends in school and holds a lot of her feelings inside but looks to her big brother Devin as her knight in shining armour.
The Purpose Peeps: (Open Ethnicity) Need (4) Young People.. Ages: 6-16, (M or F) (Happy, Animated, Fun, Smart) Animated youth who live in purpose land with papa purpose. The Purpose Peeps are the Makers and the Protectors of the purpose stones. Purpose Peeps minds are filled with nothing but positivity and encouraging words that they share with all youth who enter.
RHEEDA DFCS WORKER: (A,A) Age: 23 She is responsible for placing the Baker’s with Foster Mother Janice Ethel. She feels horrible for the Bakers and their situation and has been feeling guilty for placing them in this foster home and has been working hard ever since to find them a loving environment.

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