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The Middletown Arts Center

Males and Females 18+

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Casting Notice:
VIP Theatricals is casting for David J.V. Meenan’s newest comedy, “Accidentally on Purpose”. This is a full production workshop of the new original script, to be presented at The Middletown Arts Center, October 1,2,3. Fully vaccinated with proof of vaccination required. Seeking 7 women and one male of all ethnicities and backgrounds.
Synopsis: Seven Victorian, real life, female serial killers find themselves in a waiting room together somewhere between Heaven and Hell. Between them they have “accidentally on purpose” killed almost 200 people. They are now anxiously awaiting to discover their fate. Will they get to move ahead to the next level out of limbo, or have to go back down a rung or two? One man in charge of the room let’s all the power go to his head when he is given a special golden ticket by “the man above” to issue to only one of the, we’ll call them “ladies”. Who will it be and how will they convince him? This extremely fast paced comedy is filled with non-stop one liners and hilarious antics throughout.
Initial auditions will be held via Zoom for the following characters with callbacks in person. Age descriptions are not set in stone. Some can be older, and/or younger. Rehearsals begin in August.
LAVINIA FISHER – Charleston South Carolina. Beautiful Southern Belle, African American. 20’s – 30’s.
GESCHE GOTTFRIED – Known as The Angel of Bremen. Tough stock. German accent required. 40’s 50’s.
BELLE GUNNESS – Chicago woman who you wouldn’t mess with. Tall – 50’s.
MARIE MANNING – 30’s – 40’s. Married to Frederick. Cockney accent.
TILLIE KLIMEK – Self-proclaimed Psychic – 40’s -‘50’s. Chicago.
CATHERINE FLANAGAN – Irish accent. 40’s – 60’s. The older sister to Margaret. Sweet and funny “old” ladies.
MARGARET FLANAGAN – Irish accent. 40’s – 50’s. Younger sister to Catherine. Same as her sister.
FREDERICK MANNING – 40’s – 50’s. Married to Marie. In charge of the waiting room. Cockney accent.

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