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Michael Durand

Actors ages: 15-21

Actors ages: 15-21
Asylum Productions in association with Penguin Point Productions presents: COLUMBINUS
Columbinus includes excerpts from discussions with parents, survivors, and community leaders in Littleton as well as diaries and home video footage to reveal what it refers to as “the dark recesses of American adolescence”. The first act of the play is set in a stereotypical, fictional American high school and follows the lives and struggles of eight teenage archetypes. The second act takes from the perpetrators’ videos and personal journals, illustrating the days approaching and including the shootings and the suspects’ suicides. The third act has the other cast members become survivors and townspeople who reflect on the events, including the cover up of information surrounding the suspects.
Director’s Note: This show deals with mature themes, and uses foul language, any actor under 18 must bring a signed note from their parent or guardian allowing them to participate in this production.
Auditions will be held on Saturday, August 14th 12-5:30pm at Penguin Point Productions, located at the Oviedo Mall. Auditions will consist of actor prepared monologues and cold readings from the script. No appointment necessary.
Please bring at least one (1) copy of a resume and headshot, if available, actors under 18 must bring a signed note from parent or guardian allowing them to audition and to be a part of this production.
Rehearsal Schedule:
August 17-19th 6-8pm
August 24-26th 6-8pm
Aug./Sep. 31st – 2nd 6-8pm
September 7-9th 6-8pm
September 14 – 16th 6-8pm
September 21-23rd 6-8pm
September 28 – 30th 6-8pm
October 5 – 7th 6-8pm
October 12-14th 6-8pm
October 18- 21st 5-9pm
Performances will be held:
October 22nd @7pm
October 23rd @ 2&7pm
October 24th @ 2pm

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