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Phillip Elgie

various roles

Good morning beautiful people of the internet!
I am looking for a few actors for a very small short I am making with my son. He is getting into film (he is 16) and wrote a script, that I think is actually pretty good. It will be a very small shoot over a single day. This is purely a passion project, but it should be pretty fun and easy.
Genre: Sci-Fi Drama
When: July 18, 2020
Where: North County, specifically Oceanside
Synopsis: After his mom dies, a son is forced to take care of his alcoholic deadbeat father. He gets fed up and leaves after seeing that his dad is not going to change, his dad comes to his senses and goes after him to apologize, but does not have a car, so he calls an rideshare. The son’s car breaks down on the way to his destination and he decides to walk the rest of the way. The dad, concerned that he can not get a hold of his son distracts the driver and they swerve off the road hitting the son. As he is grieving on the side of the road, time gets reset and he starts over the day, realizing how much he has to lose he changes his ways and shows the son.
Characters we are looking for:
Father: (40-50ish, male) alcoholic deadbeat that converts into loving compassionate father
Rideshare driver: (any gender, ethnicity, 20-60) Drives the father around and ultimately hits the son with his car when he is distracted.
Narrator: (any gender, ethnicity, 20-50) Omnipotent being that guides us through the story and ultimately resets time to give the father a second chance.

Thanks so much!

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