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Traci Hainsworth

2 male roles

I received from a DGM student:
We are looking for actors for an upcoming student short film.
Filming: Late Oct 2021
Genre: Horror/Cautionary Tale
Synopsis: Two college students attempt to capture a mystical being to use its powers. However, they soon realize that they may have only trapped themselves.
Nathan (male): 20’s – Confident and capable. A natural-born leader who seemingly always has a plan up his sleeve. Caring and charismatic, but willing to risk it all to move up in life.
Eddie (male): 20’s – Dependent and unsure. He never really learned how to take care of himself after moving out of the house. A bit awkward and unkempt, but with a big heart. He tends to allow others to guide his life for him.
Thank you for your help!

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