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Local Actors Wanted: It’s happening! Theater is opening up again! Can’t wait to get in front of a live audience? Enjoy history? Love trolley tours?? Then keep reading…..
Cary is restarting its local history trolley tours and I’ve pitched a 2.0 version, which they want to try out and, if it goes well, may become a permanent part of the tour.
We are exploring adding historical reenactment scenes along the trolley tour. We are also exploring, perhaps, actors becoming the guides themselves! The tour currently has a script which I will be getting in the coming days and I will be scouting it for potential scene development to perform on the first trolley tour of the year coming July 25th!
This will definitely be a Start Small, But Dream Big opportunity and because it will be a trial run, I can’t offer actors payment this time. Currently, all the proceeds benefit the Page-Walker Arts Museum in Cary, which is still a great cause in our community.
In the vision of Start Small, But Dream Big, I probably won’t need a ton of folks for the July event. Scene scripts and 1-2 rehearsals will be required. If you are interested in possibly becoming a tour guide, I may be able to offer a seat or two to “ride along” on the tour and get a feel for it. These tours usually sell out, though, and I don’t want to take away paying customers for them.
While I have your attention: Auditions for “Cary The Stories”, the original stage production of the history of Cary, are tentatively scheduled for July 5-7. Cary Players are holding the auditions. Stay tuned for confirmation on that coming up soon!

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