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CALLING GEN Z ACTORS! Actors needed for “Halloween 2020” Video Production

Location: Orlando, Florida

Type: Music Video

(NOTE – This is a non-union production)
(ALSO NOTE – This is an independent project that is NOT associated with Disney or any other company or organization for that matter)

This is a non-paid musical ballad-type video. The video is about 25 to 30 minutes long.

If you mixed horrorcore, musical theatre, Indian/south-Asian music, hip-hop/rap, RNB, Disney channel, and film production all into one work, you would have “Halloween 2020”. Halloween 2020 tells the story of “Bad Baljeet”, based off of Baljeet, one of the characters in the late-2000s Disney channel show “Phineas and Ferb”. The once lovable, innocent and nerdy little cartoon character is now a demented killer, killing anyone who stands in his way. On October 31, 2020, he goes on a rampage through his hometown – The Tri State Area.

After terrorizing The Tri State Area, Baljeet (or BAD Baljeet as he is now known by) decides to drive down to Florida in a stolen car. Florida, with its warm balmy climate and laid back environment, serves as the stronghold for Bad Baljeet, as he meticulously stakes out potential victims. “Halloween 2020” follows three teens in particular – 15 year-old Benedict, 16 year-old Gregory, and 14 year-old Jessica, as they enjoy their Halloween off from school. For them, an evening of fun-filled entertainment turns into a horrible nightmare, as they are each murdered one by one by Bad Baljeet!

“Halloween 2020” is something which many people today do not realize the genius of. But in time, they eventually will. Do you have what it takes to be a part of The Chosen One’s masterpiece? Apply and find out!

(NOTE – This video contains depictions of murder. These depictions however, are not exactly graphic, instead relying on certain camera tricks to simulate the effect of killing. Certain characters might be required to wear fake costume blood)

Gregory: (ages 18 to 21)
One of the main characters. Benedict’s best friend and Jessica’s older brother (must be able to pass for 16)

Jessica: (ages 18 to 21)
All ethnicities
Gregory’s little sister. A well behaved but extremely pampered child (must be able to pass for 14)

Benedict: (ages 18 to 21)
Gregory’s best friend and one of the main characters (must be able to pass for 15)

Austin: (ages 18 to 25)
Benedict’s older brother. Wise and mature (must be able to pass for 18)

Grandma: (ages 18 to 55)
All Genders
All ethnicities
The grandmother to Gregory and Jessica. Reclusive, short-tempered, and extremely deviant (all ages can apply to this role)

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Orlando, Florida
Please submit to:
Please submit your headshot along with your resume.

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