Dhruv Balaji

Two Caucasian male actors

Two Caucasian male actors are needed for leading roles in a music video/short film. It is a horrorcore ballad-type production that spans to about 25 to 30 minutes long.
Non-paid, but credit will be given and you can use it for your demo reel.
The video will be filmed in multiple locations throughout Seminole and Orange County, Florida. Further details will be given to the chosen applicants.
The song itself is already pre-recorded, so actors will be required to lip-sync their lines in synchronicity with the song.
Character 1:
Greg – A somewhat popular 16 year old kid. One of the main characters. Actor must be a teenager (or be able to pass for one). Must be able to look like a 16 year old.
Character 2:
Ben – Greg’s best friend and also one of the main characters. Likewise, actor must be a teen or be able to look like one. Must be able to pass for 15 years old.
If interested, e-mail me or message me directly on Facebook. Also if you can, tell me of any previous acting experience you may have.

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