Mary Claire Klooster

African American men and women

Looking for Featured Background actors for an independent short film shooting 8/8/21, in Gwinnett County, GA.
Especially need African American men and women to portray family members of victims in a protest scene.
Also accepting other ethnicities.
(Must be fully vaccinated).
Summary: In 1986, the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional to execute insane individuals, or as they’re termed “incompetent.” Yet, if someone is found “incompetent” to be executed it is the job of the prison mental health staff to rehabilitate this person to competency for the express purpose of executing them. D.O.A follows the story of one prison psychiatrist put into this impossible moral dilemma: to treat an inmate, to help him heal, and in so doing allow the state to execute him. Or not treat him and watch his delusions and mental illness slowly take what little he has left.

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