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Andy Oien

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alien - CallBoard

Hello Friends; Sending you an Alien Park Dunes, Movie Project update (APD-MP). We have a Story, a ready for production Screenplay, a Budget and Shooting Schedule to work with, 2 interested Actors and an IMDb page. We are looking for other interested Actors and our APD-MP Executive Producer teammate, Actress, Natalie Peri would like to see your resume and reel, if interested. Please contact Natalie. We are presently working hard to seek Funding and hope to hire the needed Talent for our project soon. Those interested with Funding, please also contact Actress, Natalie. For more APD details, please review our IMDb pages, YouTubes and websites shown below. Our Best Regards, Andy and the rest of the APD-MP Executive Producer team, Actress, Natalie Peri, Charles C. Brooks and Julie Oien, working under the banner of Prime Films Ventures, Inc.

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