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Nick Ishimaru

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Announcing video auditions for The True Story of Princess Kaguya written by Ai Aida directed by Keiko Carreiro!

The True Story of Princess Kaguya is a modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese folktale Kaguya Hime (trans. Princess Kaguya/Tale of the Bamboo Cutter) written with a feminist twist from a genderqueer perspective. The show will include movement and some traditional folk songs.

Please read on for more details:

Title of Show: The True Story of Princess Kaguya

Show Dates: November 19, 20, 21, 22, 2020 – most likely via Zoom.

Rehearsals are slated to begin August 3, 2020 via Zoom.

Video Submission Deadline: June 30 (casting announced mid-July.)

Character Description:

KAGUYA: (F), Japanese,18, the heroine of the The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter; tomboy, daring, rebellious, brave, independent, fighter, ambitious, impulsive, foul-mouthed.

KAGU: (NB) Genderqueer, Japanese American, 18, lives in today’s San Francisco, Kaguya’s reincarnation; shares the same character traits as Kaguya, (doubled as Kaguya.)

MOON KING: (M), age/race unspecified, King of the Moon, Kaguya’s biological father; rich, confident, strong, patriotic, arrogant, overpowering.

OJI-SAN: (M), Japanese, 70s, Kaguya’s foster-father; poor, peasant, traditional, uneducated, demanding, simple-minded (doubled as Moon King.)

MOON QUEEN: (F) Queen of the Moon, age/race unspecified, Kaguya’s biological mother; worried, anxious, devoted, her daughter is her life, doesn’t realize but disappointed and frustrated.

OBA-SAN: (F) Japanese, 70s, Kaguya’s foster-mother; poor, caring, innocent, humble, devoted, uneducated, simple-minded (doubled as Moon Queen.)

PRINCE JUPITER: (M), age/race unspecified, Prince of the planet Jupiter; timid, coward, unconfident, benefit-oriented, wants to marry Kaguya so he can become king (doubled as EMPEROR.)

EMPEROR: (M) Japanese, 30/40s, the Emperor of Japan; self-centered, conceited, immature, pervert, cruel, disagreeable.

KAMISHIBAI NARRATOR: (M) Japanese-American, 50s, a narrator who narrates The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, in which Kaguya is the heroine, using kamishibai; conservative, overbearing, wants to protect traditional/patriarchal value system, afraid of losing Kaguya.

YIN: (F) age/race unspecified, a Moon Rabbit; Yang’s work-partner; smart, quick, bossy, loyal, trustworthy, hard-working, uses a fan to hit Yang for his idiocy.

YANG: (M) age/race unspecified, a Moon Rabbit, Yin’s work-partner; funny, mischievous, lazy, loves eating, slow to understand but happy and easy-going.

We’re looking for a diverse and inclusive cast. So even though the character descriptions indicate “F” (female) or “M” (male) –which signifies the gender of a character in the play– female-identifying and male-identifying as well as non-binary, gender-non-conforming actors are all welcome and strongly encouraged to audition! Also, if you are of any ethnicity or cultural background, we are looking for you!

Gender, age, and ethnicity for all roles are flexible, though BIPOC (especially Asians or Asian-Americans), LGBTQ are highly encouraged to submit.

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