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Seth Minter

make a video perferably 2-5 min on how you feel about bullying

Im planning on making a anti bullying video for my youtube channel wanted to make it since i was in school but never had time and now i have so much since i graduated so what i want to do is anyone who is interested in doing this is make a video perferably 2-5 minutes on how you feel about bullying and email it to me or text me the video im accepting up to 20 videos and it’s non payed its a volunteer thing i feel like the message is important it would be excellent if people who has had e pirence dealing with it can send a video on their experience to I’ll accept 12 sseparate from the other 20 thx in advance again thx and the people who send me videos will get a shout out in the video if you want thx
Any questions that you have that has not been explained email or text/call me and i will gladly answer them

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