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D.j. Moore

No martial arts/stunt experience required.

Apocalypse Mini Series(non-paid)
Hi. My name is DJ. I’m a martial artist, social media influencer, and actor. I currently have a combined follower base of over 600K followers over all my platforms. Just search “Modern Ninja” on TikTok or YouTube.
-Casting Call Info:
(Pics/Vids below are demos/promos of what the series will look like, as well as my personal showcase)
This casting call is for a YouTube series set in the apocalypse. Following the success of a mini series on TikTok building a theoretical apocalypse team with other TikTok creators. This series is intended to make that a reality. Bringing together many popular TikTok and YouTube creators to bring that apocalypse team concept to film.
Currently the series is funded by myself and a couple other creators. However the intent is to grow this into a long running, fully funded series.
No prior experience is necessary. However having a background in martial arts, gymnastics, stage combat, or dance will be helpful.
Three years after an apocalyptic event that devastated the modern world, society has broken down. People are forced to survive on their own through any means necessary. Colts have risen and survivors are scattered. We follow the Modern Ninja as he works to build up a team to deal with an evil threat.
=Survivor: A character just trying to do his/her best to survive in this apocalypse, when attacked by an evil cult. No martial arts/stunt experience required.
=Trapper: A higher ranking member of the cult, second in command of his squad. He specializes in setting traps for his prey to stumble and fall into. This is a recurring role. No martial arts/stunt experience is required, however will help. This character will fight so the ability to do combat and learn choreography is required.
=Archer 1: A lower member of the cult. He/she is trying to prove themselves by making a successful kill during a hunt. Armed with a bow and knife, they think they see their chance when their squad comes across the Modern Ninja. No martial arts/stunt experience is required, however it will help. This character will fight so the ability to do combat and learn choreography is required.
Exact locations are still being locked down. However it will take place in the north Dallas area.
Shooting will take place over the course of 2 days. Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th during the afternoon. Exact call times will be given once you have been selected for the role.
-If interested with a headshot, resume, and reel if you have one. Use the subject “Apocalypse Team” in your email.
-About me:
I have over 19 years of experience in various martial arts, from taekwondo to kung fu and many others in between. Training has been a lifelong journey. I am also certified as a head instructor and have taught several self-defense and stunt classes across America. If you have any further questions feel free to email me any questions you may have, I will also put my link tree down below for anyone interested.

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