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Kaveh Razi Hamedani

multiple roles

Are you interested in acting? well, there is an opportunity to be part of a pilot. In the Town, there are a few characters left to audition for though. The story is about Robert’s family who is well known and they are the biggest and most inspirational mob family however one day everything changes when a rival family comes and wants to take over their town but also the FBI are plotting to take the family down can Roberts family help themselves and save the town or will they burn?
Characters include:
John – Male- (45s-55s)
He is the father of three kids Michael, Sam, and Daniel. he is also the head of the family and is very smart. his wife Diane is somewhat worried about him and scared he will suddenly die.
Neil – Male- (24-31)
He is the villain of the story. he and his family want to take the town for themselves and make it a drug town. Sam sees him as a threat however he is sweet inside.
Brandon – Male- (40s-50s)
He is Carl and Neil’s father. once Sam and John disrespect him and Neil their mission is to get rid of them. his motive is to make the town into a drug town.
Carl – Male- (18-22)
He is Neil’s brother and Brandon’s son. he is known for stealing and tricking everyone and everything. he like his brother and father want a drug town.
thank you and I can’t wait to hear from you.

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