Simone Bhagat

Males and Females 11-65

“Walter and France”
Produced by Ashes Artist Collective
Logline: A meek boy must wrestle with his conscience when he finds himself trapped on a bench next to the “baddest” girl in catholic school, and he’s sitting on her weed.
Languages: English/Mandarin
Shoot Dates: June 4th, 2021 – June 6th, 2021 in NYC
Characters Needed
(Ages are flexible, especially for actors who play younger or older)
[WALTER] 13-16, Male-identifying, Chinese. Speaks english with a standard American accent. Reserved, down on his luck, a dry sense of humor.
[FRANCE] 13-16, Female-identifying, Chinese. Speaks English with Chinese accent. Must be fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Sharp, forward, punches people she likes.
[WESSMAN] 11-14, Male-Identifying, Caucasian. English Speaking. Gets in trouble a lot. Talks a lot too.
[VICE HEADMASTER COMO] 35 – 65, Male-Identifying, Caucasian. English Speaking. A man who’s spent the better part of his life yelling at children and not getting promoted. He’s got a game to catch.
[SISTER GUGGISBERG] 35 – 65, Female-Identifying, Caucasian. English Speaking. Pious, practical, unflappable. She’s seen it all. Twice.
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