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  • July 31, 2021

Jaden Bush

multiple roles

If you qualify under either of those, I have an awesome opportunity for you!
Halloween is in just four months, and for me, that’s extremely close. I run a haunted house on Halloween each year, and also a YouTube channel with 15K subscribers where I make short horror films, and videos about the haunt.
Each year, I do horror films about the story of the haunt that year leading up to Halloween, and as we are quickly approaching the Halloween season, I’m looking for actors and makeup artists who are willing to be involved in both the films about the haunt, and being in the haunt itself on Halloween!
This year’s theme is a haunted mansion, so the actors I will need for both films and the haunt itself will mostly be ghosts, with tons of different roles, some could be background roles for the haunt if you don’t get a major character, but currently, I’m casting for the main characters for both the films and the actual haunt.
Filming of the films will likely start in August and go into mid-September, but it all depends on how the actual building process of the haunt (which will double as the movie sets) is coming along at those times.
Please note, some of these roles will be in both the films and haunt, so you’ll need to be available for the recording of the films, as well as the haunt itself on Halloween, while some are only roles for the films. Here are the roles:
Emily Ravenscroft (film role): Caucasian female in the age range of 17 to 25. Finance of the leading character, Victor Mortem, who was decapitated by him on the day of their wedding, and now haunts the mansion.
Walter Mortem (film role): Caucasian male, any age above 30 works. Father of Victor Mortem who now haunts the mansion.
Annabelle Mortem (film and haunt role): Caucasian female, any age above 25 works. Mother to Victor Mortem who now haunts the mansion.
Clementine Mortem (film role) : Caucasian female in the age range of 13 to 16. Daughter of Victor Mortem who was decapitated by him on the same night as Emily after having witnessed the murder.
Alfred Cooper (film role): Caucasian male, any age above 40 works. The butler to Victor Mortem who was also decapitated on the same night.
Bernard the Butler (film role): Caucasian male, any age above 20 works. Large and very intimidating butler (think Lurch from the Addams Family)
Eugene the Gravedigger (film role): Caucasian male, any age above 30 works. The gravedigger on the grounds.
Alongside these roles, there will also be minor roles for the haunt that are not mentioned, as well as possible new roles being added as Halloween gets closer. There’s a lot to cover, so please if you’re interested, be sure to message me!

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