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Audition Information for New Play Festival 2021

Audition date: June 18, 12:30-2:30 p.m.PLEASE NOTE THE DATE and TIME CHANGE

Location: Crystal Sea Drama Company Fine Arts Studio, 8414 Speedway San Antonio, TX

Auditions are for students going into 6th Grade and up. Email to sign up for the audition.

If you are unable to attend on that day, please send a video audition of you performing a one minute monologue. VIDEO AUDITIONS ARE DUE JUNE 16 BY MIDNIGHT. Contact [email protected] to receive the location where the videos are to be sent.

The in person audition will consist of cold readings from the script. Please fill out the Audition Form and bring it to auditions. Headshot/Resume preferred, but optional.

For your video audition, please slate (name, grade, title of show your monologue is from) while looking at the camera. Pause briefly, then do your monologue, looking slightly above the camera. At the end of the monologue, pause briefly, then look at the camera and say, “Thank you.” Please film in front of a neutral background and be sure to project so that you can be heard. A headshot and resume may also be emailed to the same address, but are not required. 

Everyone who auditions will be cast in one or two of the three plays. It is important for students to note on the Audition Form what times they are available to rehearse. We cannot cast you without that information.

You will be notified by email what part(s) you are being offered. To accept the part(s), fill out the contract and return it by the date listed in it. 

Rehearsal Schedule for the New Play Festival, 2021

For July 5-9 and 12-14, students are only called during the times that their play is rehearsing.

July 5-9 and 12-14:

9-12:30 “Fairytale Court” cast

12:30-1:15  Lunch 

1:15-4:45 “Pageturners” cast

                  Tech work – crew volunteers

4:45-5:30 Dinner

5:30-9 “Turf Wars” cast

July 15-17 all cast and crew are called at the following times

July 15: 

9-12:30 Tech Rehearsal

12:30-1:15 Lunch  

1:15-5  Dress Rehearsal 

July 16

1:15-5  Dress Rehearsal 

5-5:45 Dinner 

5:45  Performance call time 

7:30 Performance 

July 17

5:45  Performance call time 

7:30 Performance 

When finished until 10 p.m. – Strike (may end earlier – depends on how much needs to be taken down and put away.)

Play and Character Descriptions

“Fairytale Court” written by Leslie Kandt; directed by Faith Tonak – rehearses mornings

Snow White is taking her Prince Charming to court!  She has found out that he was seeing another woman behind her back; a woman named Cinderella!  Prince Charming accuses Snow of hanging out with other guys — seven short ones to be exact! She accuses him of waking her up when she was just trying to get some rest.  Snow White and Cinderella insist that Prince Charming deserves to be punished, and it seems like the judge might agree.


Judge Gold is an intelligent woman of the law, listening to everyone’s story and giving justice to those who deserve it.

Snow White is fed up with Charming and not taking anything from him. She’s independent and ready to take a stand. 

Cinderella, a sassy princess, is also ready to say farewell to Prince Charming and see that he gets what he deserves. 

Prince Charming is in love… With himself, mostly. Sure, he may comb his hair a little too often, but he’s SUCH a romantic, right?

“Pageturners” written by Evelyne Holland; directed by Julianna Martin; rehearses afternoons

“Pageturners” is a story about two siblings, Brooklyn and Tyler, who are just living another day in life but then a turn of events happen when a 18th century man appears in their bedroom. 


Brooklyn- teenage girl 

               – know it all type of person 

               – can snap

               – breakdown from trauma

Tyler- wants to help his sister 

        – has a chill out look on life


Obadiah- has English accent 

               – crazy

               – wants vengeance 

               – has a breakdown 

               – able to change emotions fairly quick 

“Turf Wars” written by Matthew Tonak; directed by Kara Garcia; rehearses evenings

The year is 1943. Chicago is ruled by mobs. Jim “Mad Dog” Gallo and Frank “Gunnar” Rivers are enemies. Mad Dog is the leader of the East side gang; Gunnar leads the West side gang. They struck a deal once — if they stay off each other’s turf, then they’ll keep the peace. Gunnar decides to break that agreement, which then starts the Turf Wars.


Jim “Mad Dog:” Leader of the East Side gang. Cocky and full of himself

The East Side gang — Scotty, Meaty, Baby Hands, Legless:  Dumb. Trying their best to be intimidating and scary. They all care a lot about Mad Dog.

Frank “Gunnar:” Leader of the West Side gang. Cold; a lot more heartless than Mad Dog, somehow. 

The West Side gang — The Dragon, Soapy: Also cold and heartless. Very vicious and animalistic.

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