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Juggerknot Theatre Company

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Juggerknot Theatre Company is holding virtual auditions for
Miami Bus Stop Stories
(Coconut Grove, Liberty City, Little Haiti)
Produced by: Juggerknot Theatre Company
Written by France-Luce Benson
Directed by Tai Thompson
Miami Bus Stop Stories is a virtual, immersive theatre program innovating current virtual education opportunities in schools. This approach is designed to maximize students’ attention and active engagement while complying with current COVID-19 restrictions. This program targets middle and high school students and takes them on a virtual bus journey with live actors. We are specifically highlighting historical events in Miami that contributed to racial inequities and social injustices that we are still experiencing today.
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Character Breakdown
Although there is a specific age request below, we are open to having actors of all ages attend auditions.
POLLY MAYS : Black (female)
40s or older; Driver/hostess/m.c./ – she’s everything. She loves all people, she’s fun, boisterous, energetic, and also incredibly compassionate and wise.
E.W.F. STIRRUP: Black Bahamian (male)
84; entrepreneur, pioneer, visionary
PASTOR – Black (all genders)
30’s or older; inspiring, compelling, dynamic
KAI – Black (all genders)
17; lost; gifted; a survivor like her mother and all those before her
IDA – Black (female)
40s/50s also a survivor; one of KAI’s ancestors; strong
HATTIE: Black (female)
80s but ageless; buoyant; focuses on the positive, passionate about her community
GUERLY – Haitian American (female)
50s, but looks, moves, seems younger; an activist, artist, dancer, and community leader.
September 13 – October 3rd, before 6:00PM on weekdays. Weekends TBD
(based on actor conflicts)
Three virtual shows per week, between 3:00PM – 6:30PM
The Juggerknot Team

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