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Pasadena Little Theatre

Auditions will be held in person

Pasadena Little Theatre invites you to join us as we cast Nicky Silver’s ‘The Maiden’s Prayer’. The story follows a quintet of best friends/ex-lovers/drama starters and the relationships shared in their search for self, authentic connection, and explores the blurred line between loving someone and needing them.

Auditions will be held in person and time slots must be reserved or vía Zoom for those in need of accommodation. Cold read from script.

Audition Dates: ‪June 28th‬ & 29th
Time: ‪7 p.m.‬
Pasadena Little Theatre

Characters – 3m, 2 f

Taylor: The golden boy, in recovery, married to Cynthia. Has a hard time saying no to those he cares about. Everyone loves Taylor, except maybe Taylor.

Cynthia: Taylor’s wife and sister to Libby. She’s a Type A personality and has one-upped Libby her whole life. Did she marry Taylor because she loved him or because Libby did?

Libby: Dealing with her unrequited love for Taylor and exhausted from competing with Cynthia, she’s fallen back into drinking and down on her luck.

Paul: Taylor’s notoriously promiscuous lifelong best friend, who harbors a secret love for Taylor and becomes Libby’s closest friend.

Andrew: Paul’s one night stand who turns out to be so much more than he bargained for.

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