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Cody Cutler

1940’s style radio program

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AUDITION NOTICE: The Time Traveler’s Radio Show!
Unpaid (for now)*
The Time Traveler’s Radio Show is an original 1940’s style radio program about time travelers who get stuck there. Trapped in the 40’s and with communication systems down, the team is forced to use the only communication available: the radio! Telling their story as a sci-fi radio adventure, it’s crucial that someone from the future recognize and rescue them, as they hold the fate of the universe—a small pocket watch—in their hands.
Told as a show within a show, this will be an adventure style comedy released as a podcast. All those interested in auditioning may do so by submitting a one-minute comedic monologue, done as a reading, recorded on your phone (audio recording only).
*While it is our hope to gain sponsorship and eventually be able to pay actors, this cannot be guaranteed at this time. Our invitation is that if you love theater and are intrigued by our show, come and build something wonderful with us.

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