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Hannah Logan

multiple roles

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AUDITIONING NOW for JUNE 12th for Theatre is the Cure
Black Lives / Black Artists Matter Special Event!
Breakdowns below.
 Decisions will be made by Tuesday, June 9th at latest.
POWERFUL PIECES! Please share!!! (Other pieces still under consideration. Other actors may be needed.)
Black male-identifying, late teens/early 20s – ingenuous, energetic, magical, wide-eyed, lover of life, as yet un-sullied, unjaded, somewhat naive, brightens every room
Black male-identifying, 20s, ideally deaf or hearing-impaired, fluent in ASL…preferably actor, but not essential, but must be expressive signer with ability to take direction
Black male-identifying, late 30s – early 50s, clean cut, an intellectual-type
Black male-identifying, late 40s or 50s who is willing to play a gay man from an earlier era who is slightly effeminate, but not stereotypically so. He comes from an era in the sixties when people would assume he was gay because of the way he spoke and his mannerisms. Understated. Character described by playwright as been quietly “queer” and never hidden it.
White female-identifying – 70-80s or actor who can convincingly play this age … fiery, but can play subtle, not just “sassy old lady”
White male-identifying, 60s, strong, sensitive

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