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Rigo Tejeda

various roles

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• 5/25/2021-5/31/2021 for Video submissions only!
• CALLBACKS *by invitation only.
Produced by: TNH Productions, Casa 0101
Producers: Emmanuel Deleage, Conrado Terrazas, Felipe Agreadano
Writer: Abel Alvarado
Director: Rigo Tejeda
Music Director: Gabrielle Maldonado
Composer: Daniel Sugimoto, Caroline Benzon, Kenyada Heymes
Seeking experienced and strong singer/actor/dancers. All auditionees must be 18 years of age or older.
• All roles are Non-Union.
• Rehearsals beginning September 6th Monday – Thursday evenings, and Saturday days.
• Performances are November 26 – December 19, 2021
ARENA Synopsis:
This jukebox musical opens on New Years Eve 2015 to 2016, the last night ARENA and Circus Disco were open. Lead character Lucio Torrez takes us back to the 1990’s as we follow his “coming out journey” and the colorful, lifelong friendships, lessons and moments that shaped his and many others lives. Based on the House Music of the era and set in Los Angeles, this exuberant and passionate story shows how a community dealt with issues of life, love, identity, orientation and racism and how one amazing, fantastical brave space, where the music transcended all things, brought people together to celebrate their differences, gave them courage to chase their dreams and live in their truest selves. ARENA: A House MUSIC-al
18 to 26 years old, male. LEAD Tenor/High Tenor, no required dancing Raised in the Apostolic church, that his parents pastor. He a dynamic voice, is the church Music Minister but was caught in a closeted relationship with the church guitar player Ricky Soto whom he is in love with. His father given him the ultimatum to go to EXIT, a gay conversion group, if he wants to continue to be in the music ministry and a place with his family and church. He’s always known he was gay, but now can he find his way to be who he is and more importantly, his true voice?
Ms. Martin Mendez: Lead, High Tenor Range. Dancing required, age Range-20’s. Has been doing drag since he was 17 and is a strong presence with lots of life experience but not too much formal education. He is an artist in his own right and creativity comes naturally to him. Pacific Islander adopted by Mexican family, grew up in Boyle Heights and has fought hard to hold his place as an openly gay man who is unapologetic about who he is. Life has not been easy for him and sometimes he hides his fears and demons with the drugs that come so easily to a nightlife figure. He is the ultimate diva with a heart for others.
Jerry Rodriguez: Principal 20’s, Bass/Tenor range, Latino gay man, best friend of Ms. Martin since 3rd grade, aspiring designer also grew up in Boyle Heights. He and his boyfriend Johnny have been together since they were both 17 and they currently live in Hollywood, managing a small apartment building as he works on being a designer. Recently he has been working as a wardrobe stylist and his designs are very popular with L.A. Drag Queens and Club Kids. He attends EXIT because his parents made him go when he was 17, but he knew it was all a complete farce and vowed to help anyone who he knew needed his help getting out of that group.
Angelica: Principal, can play Teen range, Soprano. 17 years old. Lucio’s younger sister, senior in high school, very liberated despite being raised in the Apostolic church. She is very hip to relevant issues and can’t wait to move into her dorms at school so she can finally get away from her crazy religious family. She loves Lucio more than anything and determined to be his ally no matter what. Dancing, Spanish speaker a plus.
Suzen Rivera: Principal, Soprano/High Soprano, 20’s Female. Best friends with Jerry and Martin. Her gay friends are her everything and works at “The Wall Las memorial” to help commemorate all her friends that passed to AIDS. She is part of the House of Mirage and is the friend everyone always wants to be around. Brash, witty and will always fight for justice and stand up against any bully while still looking fabulous. Some dancing is required.
Donna Sanchez: Principal, Soprano, 20’s, female. Ever since her brother brought her to ARENA for the first time and introduced her to the House of Mirage, she knew her created family would be by her side. Her brother died of AIDS and she feels a responsibility to ensure his legacy of kindness lives on in her. She feels love can be right around the corner, but all the men she knows are gay.
Orpha Torrez: Supporting, Alto/Soprano range, plays 40’s Latina/Chicana, no dancing required. Lucio and Angelica’s mother, gave up nursing career to be a Pastor’s wife, always known her son had something very special in his voice, his compassion for others. She loves her children more than anything and is determined to keep her family together, even if it means standing up to her husband and church. She is most afraid that Lucio will get hurt by the world as she knows it can be a cruel place. No dancing, but singing belter, Spanish speaker a plus.
Adan Torrez: Supporting, 40’s Baritone/Bass range, Latino male, no dancing required. Immigrated from small town in Mexico in the late 1960’s, Lucio and Angelica’s father, Pastor of the East L.A. Apostolic Church. Very strict in his religious beliefs, immigrated from small town in Mexico in the 1970’s. His older brother David, was his everything, until he was thrown out of the small town for being gay when Adan was 10 years old. He has always felt homosexuality breaks families apart, because it broke his. Spanish speaker a plus.
David De La Torre: Supporting, Bass/Tenor, 40’s/50’s Latino gay male. Older brother of Adan. Was forced to leave his small town in Mexico when his secret homosexual relationship with the mayors son was discovered. His family disowned him, He made his way to Los Angeles, created a new family and eventually as manager of ARENA. When he discovers his brother and family have been living in Los Angeles he looks to be part of their life, but quickly discovers how homophobic his younger brother has become. He is determined to make sure his new found nephew Lucio is not left standing alone.
Gilbert: Featured, Late Teens/Early 20’s, Tenor, Latino gay male. Best friend with Angelica, grew up in same Apostolic church, in his first year at UCLA as a Women’s/Chicano studies major. Always been very eccentric and flamboyant and is no stranger to homophobic bullying. His parents are very loving to him and that’s all the love and support he needs to fully be himself, whoever that may be.
Gene La Prieta: Featured, Bass/Tenor 50’s gay male. Founder and owner of ARENA and Circus Disco. Has always ensured anyone, especially gay people have a brave place that is welcoming.
Eric Stellar: Featured, late 30’s Male. Program Manager of his volunteer based gay conversion group E.X.I.T. (EXist In Truth). Although he has been part of EXIT for many years, he still isn’t straight. Many of his friends died of AIDS and feels God can use him to bring others out of the “gay lifestyle”. But he knows , no matter how hard he tries, he will always be gay.
Vanessa: Supporting, 20’s, High Tenor/Alto range, Trans Woman, Strong Dancer. House of Mirage member, performer and door hostess at ARENA, activist and friend to everyone. Having worked her way off the mean streets of Hollywood, she ensures all her sisters have a safe place whenever they need. Her religious upbringing endears her to Lucio because she knows love can conquer all.
Octavio Vazquez: Featured, Bass/Tenor, 20’s Latino gay male, strong dancer required. Came to Los Angeles to be a model and quickly found himself on the streets. His first night at ARENA his good looks and hot body got him to the front of the line and into the House of Mirage. His sleek dance moves made him popular to do back up for many drag shows and recently has been modeling and dancing for new up and coming acts. Spanish speaker a plus.
Johnny Lozano: Featured, Tenor, 20’s latino gay male. Jerry’s boyfriend since high school. He’s a talented painter and make-up artist but has been living with AIDS since he was 16. Jerry is his entire world and would do nothing to hurt him. He just can’t kick the habit of using Crystal Meth, but it’s the only thing that gives him energy from the draining toxic medications he is on. Even though he is battling this crippling disease, he is the kindest, most caring person and always ready to help anyone in need. No dancing required. Spanish speaker a plus.
Nick Lopez: Featured, 20’s latino gay male. Aspiring artist, grew up in the Aliso Village projects, met Martin as a young teen, part of the House of Mirage, attends Cal State L.A., very street smart with swag. Hip-Hop dancer, rapper/singer. Spanish speaker a plus.
Marcos Reyes: Featured, Tenor, 30’s, no dancing required. Bouncer at ARENA, attractive, muscular, grew up in Rosemead, CA. Very respectful of the LGBTQ community since he has worked as a security guard for many celebrities, clubs and events. He is in love with Donna, and would do anything to make her know that.

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