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multiple roles

Auditions at Main Street Theater for two MainStage productions:
Main Street Theater (MST) is committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion, and offers employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, genetics or veteran status. We encourage performers of all ethnicities and gender identities, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition. Houston-based actors only, please, union and non-union.
Email Sloane Teagle, to express interest and receive audition materials.
MOTHER OF THE MAID, Rebecca Greene Udden, director
Jane Anderson’s Mother of the Maid tells Joan of Arc’s story through the eyes of her Mother, Isabelle. Rehearsals will begin January 10, 2022, opening February 5, 2022 and closing February 27, with a possible extension through March 6. The role of Isabelle has already been cast.
Casting the following:
Joan Arc – the Maid, headstrong, passionate, driven
Jacques Arc – Joan’s father, no-nonsense, hardworking, practical
Pierre Arc – Joan’s big brother, he will accompany her into battle
Father Gilbert – the family priest,
Lady of the Court – a well-meaning woman of privilege
A Court Scribe, Joan’s Chamberlain and a prison guard will be doubled by the actors playing Father Gilbert and Pierre
DOG ACT, Andrew Ruthven, director
Liz Duffy Adams’ Dog Act is a post-apocalyptic vaudeville comedy in which Zetta Stone and her companion Dog, a man who has undergone a voluntary species demotion, travel through a dangerous world on their way to “China.” Rehearsals will begin February 28, 2022, opening March 26, 2022, and closing April 16, 2022 with a possible week extension to April 24, 2022. The role of Rozetta Stone has already been cast.
Dog – 20s to 30s. Human by birth, dog by choice. His dog behavior is minimal. This is not a case where an actor is playing an animal. Playing an instrument is a plus. (i.e. guitar, ukulele, fiddle, saxophone, etc.)
Vera Similitude – 40s – 60s. A “gray-haired” woman. The villain of the piece. Manipulative and misleading. Vera must “perform” vocally, but does not have to be very good.
Jo-Jo the Bald Faced Liar – “Late Teens” – 20s. A semi-feral teenaged girl. Smarter than she may appear due to a reclusive nature.
Coke & Bud – 20s to 30s. Scavengers: savage grown-up Lost Boys. Peter Pan meets Mad Max, and Peter was a Shakespeare professor. Coke is the Alpha and Bud is the Beta/Alpha wanna-be. While neither is particularly bright, Bud is the simpler of the two.
Email Sloane Teagle: to express interest and receive audition materials.
Main Street Theater will receive self-tape online submissions through Wednesday, September 1. Callbacks are tentatively scheduled for September 4 and 5.

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