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Alex Hanson

multiple roles

Hello all,
I am holding auditions for a production of “This is Our Youth” by Kenneth Lonergan. If you or anyone you know fits the description and is interested, please let them know. Details are as follows.
Directed by Larry LeMaster
Produced by Alex Hanson in partnership with Totally Wow Productions
Call backs on the 26th of June.
The production will run the through mid-August with four performances in total on the evenings of the 20th, 21st, 27th, and 28th at the Addison Theatre Center. Rehearsals will begin July 5th.
Synopsis: Set in 1982, This is Our Youth follows forty-eight hours of the lives of three lost young adults: Warren, who has recently stolen $15,000 from his abusive father, Dennis, his domineering childhood friend who sees an opportunity to profit from Warren’s ill-gotten gains, and Jessica, an anxiously insightful young woman who Warren is enamored with. A darkly humorous, bittersweet portrait of youths who find the well-to-do world they grew up in has not adequately prepared them for adulthood.
Auditioning for the roll of Jessica Goldman (19) and Dennis Ziegler (21).
Jessica is an inquisitive young woman who is worried about what the people in her life think about her. She has a slightly nihilistic world view and is not averse to debates.
Dennis is a charming and domineering individual who is full of potential. He is knowledgeable and has manic tendencies.
The play contains adult content. The actors must be comfortable with harsh language and sexual content (no nudity).
If interested, please email to receive the audition script.

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