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“Big, Scary Animal” will be a fully staged live and in person performance produced by Actors Ensemble of Berkeley (AE). Performances will be at Berkeley’s Live Oak Theatre, weekends, from Feb 04 – Feb 20 (or thereabouts). Exact performance dates TBD but a combination of Thur – Sun. Rehearsals will begin in December, with a break for the holidays, then resume after the New Year. Rehearsals will take place weekday evenings and weekend mornings and afternoons. Rehearsals will mostly be in person with a few online rehearsals early in the process. All cast, crew, and staff must demonstrate proof of vaccination.
Actors are also requested to attend a live audition on Sunday, November 14, from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.
Characters breakdown.
Donald: 50’s – 60’s; Rural; Married to Rhonda; Conservative; Gun-enthusiast; Taciturn; Guilt-ridden
Rhonda: 50’s – 60’s; Rural; Married to Donald; Conservative; Chipper; Positive; Talkative; Proper; Defensive
Marcus: 40’s – 50’s; Black; Gay; Quadruple Consciousness; Urban; Married to Clark; Professor
Clark: 40’s – 50’s; Urban; Gay; Married to Marcus; Stereotypical and proud; Entertaining; Protective
Sophia: 19-20; Black; College student; Know-it-all; Confrontational; Gen-Z; Adopted daughter of Marcus & Clark
Ronnie: 18; Mildly neurodiverse (probably?); Taciturn; Curious; Volatile; Son of Donald & Rhonda
“Big, Scary Animals” by Matt Lyle
An older white couple from the country unknowingly move to the gayborhood to be closer to their granddaughter. What begins as polite dinner conversation with their gay, multi-ethnic neighbors careens out of control. A hilarious collision of race, sex, guns and sports, BIG, SCARY ANIMALS examines shifting generational beliefs and just how hard it is to raise a child regardless of who you are and where you live.
N.B. “Big, Scary Animals” explores issues of race relations and cultural divisions. Actors are recommended to read the script to ensure they are comfortable with the material. The script features expressions and discussions of stereotypes, brandishing and firing a gun, and explicit use of the n-word as a racial slur.

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