Camino Real Playhouse

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Death by Design
Sunday August 28th and Monday August 29th at 7pm
Directed By Robb Rigg
Rehearsals are Mon-Thurs evenings.
What happens when you mix the brilliant wit of Noël Coward with the intricate plotting of Agatha Christie? Set during a weekend in an English country manor in 1932, Death by Design is a hilarious, delightful and mysterious mash-up of two of the greatest English writers of all time. Edward Bennett, a playwright, and his wife, Sorel Bennett, an actress, flee London and head to Cookham after a disastrous opening night.
But various guests arrive unexpectedly – a conservative politician, a fiery socialist, a nearsighted ingénue, a zany modern dancer – each with a long-held secret. When one of the guests is murdered, it’s left to Bridgit, the feisty Irish maid with a macabre interest in homicide, to solve the crime.
Bridgit – The Maid. Irish, Crabby and Warm-hearted. 40’s-60’s
Jack – The Chauffer. Cockney, Charming and Clever. Mid 20’s-Early 30’s
Edward Bennett – The Playwright. British, Urbane and Vain. 40’s-50’s
Sorel Bennett – The Actress. British, Glamourous and Daffy 40’s-50’s
Walter Pearce – The Politician. British, Stiff and Conservative. 30’s-50’s
Eric – The Radical. British, Emphatic, Fiery. 20’s-30’s
Victoria Van Roth – The Bohemian. American or British, Intense and Artistic. Any Age
Alice – The Visitor. British, Sweet and Shy. Mid 20’s-Early 30’s
Performances are:
October 21st – November 6th
Shows are at Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM with Sunday Matinees at 2 PM.

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