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Missy Riffle

multiple roles

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Next week the Hopebox is having auditions.😍
Detailed audition information available now…
Click this link:
Show runs Oct 1-23
Auditions will be held July 20th at Brightstar Academy located at 70 S Fairfield Rd E #11, Layton, UT 84041 with callbacks by invitation to follow on July 21st and 22nd.
Please prepare 16-32 bars or roughly 30 seconds of a song. You may audition in person or via video submission. Please use the signup link below to register your time slot for an in person audition. Video auditions will be accepted until Midnight July 19th. Please email a link to your video audition along with an audition form. Callbacks will be held in person at Brightstar Academy.
Signup link for in person auditions is below:
Cast Descriptions:
A NOTE ABOUT CASTING: The director is aiming for a diverse cast of multi-talented, unique storytellers. Actors of all looks, ethnicities, and genders are welcome and invited to audition.
Character Descriptions
(All roles are available and some roles may be double cast)
QUASIMODO (Male; ages 20-35): The deformed bell-ringer of Notre Dame and Claude Frollo’s charge. Vocal range A2-B4.
DOM CLAUDE FROLLO (Male; ages 30-60): Archdeacon of Notre Dame Cathedral. Vocal range F2-D4
ESMERELDA (Female; ages 20-35): A beautiful, and free-spirited mixed race French/Romani girl. Vocal range F3-E5. Requires significant dance experience and flexibility.
PHOEBUS DE MARTIN (Male; ages 25-35): Captain of the Cathedral Guard. Vocal range A2-A4
CLOPIN TROUILLEFOU (Male/Female; ages 25-40): King of the Gypsies and head story-teller. Also plays as one of the gargoyle trio. Vocal range A2-B4
JEHAN FROLLO (Male; ages 18-30): Claude’s reckless younger brother and Quasimodo’s birth father. Doubles as one of the gargoyle trio. Vocal range A2-F4
FLORIKA (Female; ages 18-30): A Romani woman, Jehan’s lover, and Quasimodo’s birth mother. Will double as one of the gargoyle trio. Vocal range A3-E5
FREDRIC CHARLUS (Male; ages 25-35): Lieutenant of the Cathedral Guard. Will also double as “Officer” and in the ensemble. Vocal range G2-E4
FATHER DUPIN (Male; ages 30-50): A priest of Notre Dame and guardian of Claude and Jehan. He will also double as “King Louis XI” and in the ensemble. Vocal range B2-D4
ST. APHRODISIUS (Male; ages 25-35): The famous beheaded stone saint of Notre Dame who comes to life. Will also double in the ensemble. Vocal range D2-F4
ENSEMBLE (Male and Female; ages 18-50): An ensemble of storytellers who portray various roles. The ensemble comprises all voice types and requires excellent musicianship and vocal agility, as well as strong storytelling abilities. Unique looks and types are wanted. Performers with strong dance backgrounds will also be considered for dance only roles.

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