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The Cabrillo Playhouse announces auditions for:
Little Women-The Broadway Musical
Book by Allan Knee Music by Jason Howland Lyrics by Mindi Dickstein
Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott
Sunday, July 17 @ 5:00pm & Monday, July 18 @ 7:00pm
Directed by Holly Jones
Musical Director-Jennifer D’Onofrio, Choreographer- Jennifer Kornswiet
Louisa May Alcott’s beloved story of the adventures of the four March sisters. The Civil War is in full swing, and the March sisters live in Concord, Massachusetts with their mother while their father is on the battlefield. Filled with buoyant, joyful melodies, memorable characters, and a big-hearted message, Little Women reminds us that “sometimes when you dream, your dreams come true.”
JO MARCH: Gender: Female, Age Range: 18 to 23, Vocal Range: Mezzo-soprano – E3 to Eb6 Our story’s protagonist. Passionate, adventurous, and brave. She has the idea of writing Little Women and eventually becomes engaged to Professor Bhaer.
PROFESSOR BHAER: Gender: Male, Age Range: 35-45, Vocal Range: Baritone – G2 to F#4 German Professor who exemplifies proper manners. He is a boarder in Mrs. Kirk’s boarding house and eventually falls in love with Jo.
AMY MARCH: Gender: Female, Age Range: to portray 14 to 18, Vocal Range: Soprano – B3 to F#5 The youngest, most energetic sister with a rather pompous air about her. She later marries Laurie. Doubles as Troll.
MEG MARCH: Gender: Female, Age Range: to portray 21 to 25 Vocal Range: Soprano – Bb3 to F#5 The world-weary, yet hopeful, oldest sister who yearns for a great life. She marries John and has twins with him. Doubles as Clarissa.
BETH MARCH: Gender: Female, Age Range: to portray 17 to 21, Vocal Range: Soprano – A3 to G5 The second youngest sister who tragically dies of Scarlet Fever. Peace-maker, lover, and an optimist who is always encouraging her sisters to dream. Doubles as Rodrigo 2.
MARMEE MARCH: Gender: Female, Age Range: to portray 45-55, Vocal Range: Mezzo-soprano – Eb3 to Eb5 The girl’s mother. She is the strong backbone of the family, who is courageous in spite of the difficult odds she faces. Doubles as Hag.
THEODORE “LAURIE” LAURENCE: Gender: Male, Age Range: to portray 18 to 23, Vocal Range: Tenor – Bb2 to Bb4 The bright-eyed boy-next-door with considerable charm. He loves Jo but later falls in love with Amy. Doubles as Rodrigo.
AUNT MARCH: Gender: Female, Age Range: to portray 45-60, Vocal Range: Mezzo-soprano – E3 to F5 A formidable, overbearing matron and great-aunt to the March sisters. The wealthy socialite in town. Doubles as Mrs. Kirk.
MR. JOHN BROOKE: Gender: Male, Age Range: to portray 30-40, Vocal Range: Baritone – C#3 to F#4 Laurie’s tutor and a rather stiff man; shows very little emotion. He later marries Meg and changes. Doubles as Braxton
MR. LAURENCE: Gender: Male, Age Range: to portray 60+, Vocal Range: Baritone – D3 – E4 Mr. Laurence, Laurie’s grandfather. A wealthy old man who lives next door to the March family. Seems crabby and intimidating, but is actually a compassionate and thoughtful man who loves his grandson and takes a special liking to the March girls, especially Beth. Double as Knight.
Performs September 16 – October 9, 2022
All ethnicities are encouraged to audition
There is no pay

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