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Artisan Children’s Theater
announces auditions for Matilda the Musical JR.
Book by Dennis Kelly | Music and Lyrics by Tim Minchin | Based on the book, Matilda by Roald Dahl
Directed by Jamie Gomez
AUDITION DATES: Monday, August 23rd and Tuesday, August 24th, 2021 beginning at 6:30pm
• Audition form and more information on line
• Auditions will be held at Artisan Center Theater located at 444 East Pipeline Road, Hurst, TX 76053
• Rehearsals begin August 30, 2021 and will generally be 6:30pm – 9:00pm Monday through Friday, and Saturdays 9:00am – 1:00pm
• Actor ages 6-18
October 15 – November 13, 2021 Performances will be Fridays at 5:00pm, Saturdays at 10:00am, and Tuesdays, November 2nd and 9th at 12:00pm.
Be prepared to sing 16 bars from a Broadway or Disney song that best displays your vocal ability. No accompanist will be provided, so actors are asked to bring a CD or cell phone with their accompaniment. Actors will also be doing cold readings from the script, and it is encouraged that everyone auditioning is familiar with the material. Audition sides will be posted on the ACT website prior to auditions.
Please bring your conflict information with you to the audition. It is critical that you let Artisan Children’s Theater know all of your conflicts at the auditions. Artisan Children’s Theater will be unable to accept conflicts after casting is done unless they are emergencies.
Rebellion is nigh in Matilda JR., a gleefully witty ode to the anarchy of childhood and the power of imagination! This story of a girl who dreams of a better life and the children she inspires will have audiences rooting for the “revolting children” who are out to teach the grown-ups a lesson.
Matilda has astonishing wit, intelligence… and special powers! She’s unloved by her cruel parents but impresses her schoolteacher, the highly loveable Miss Honey. Matilda’s school life isn’t completely smooth sailing, however – the school’s mean headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, hates children and just loves thinking up new punishments for those who don’t abide by her rules. But Matilda has courage and cleverness in equal amounts, and could be the school pupils’ saving grace!
Packed with high-energy dance numbers and catchy songs, Matilda JR. is a joyous girl power romp. Children and adults alike will be thrilled and delighted by the story of the special little girl with an extraordinary imagination.
Matilda Wormwood: The hero of the show. She’s brilliant, resilient, creative, and kind, despite growing up in difficult circumstances. Vocal range top: D5 | Vocal range bottom: Bb3
Eric: A student at school with Matilda. Vocal range top: Eb4 | Vocal range bottom: C3
Amanda: A student at school with Matilda. Vocal range top: Eb5 | Vocal range bottom: C4
Bruce: One of Matilda’s schoolmates. He has the bad luck to get caught after eating Trunchbull’s cake. Vocal range top: F#4 | Vocal range bottom: C3
Hortensia: One of Matilda’s classmates. Vocal range top: D5 | Vocal range bottom: C4
Alice: One of Matilda’s classmates. Vocal range top: D5 | Vocal range bottom: C4
Tommy: One of Matilda’s classmates. Vocal range top: Eb4 | Vocal range bottom: C3
Lavender: One of the kids at school with Matilda. She is kind and bright and quickly decides that Matilda is her best friend. Vocal range top: D5 | Vocal range bottom: C4
Nigel: One of the kids at school with Matilda. He is enthusiastic, sweet, and always in a bit of a panic. Vocal range top: D4 | Vocal range bottom: C3
Mr. Wormwood: Matilda’s father. He is egotistical, rude, and not very bright, not to mention a liar.
Mrs. Wormwood: Matilda’s mother. Like her husband, she dislikes Matilda and does not understand why her daughter loves to read. Mrs. Wormwood is selfish, obsessed with her own appearance, and believes everything she sees on TV.
Michael: Matilda’s brother. He is not very bright, though he is the apple of his father’s eye.
Mrs. Phelps: The kindly librarian who loves hearing Matilda’s stories.
Escapologist: A character of Matilda’s creation. Vocal range top: F3 | Vocal range bottom: E3
Acrobat: A product of Matilda’s imagination. Vocal range top: A4 | Vocal range bottom: D4
Miss Honey: A teacher at Matilda’s school. She is kind, is generous, and really cares about the children despite her own desperate circumstances. Vocal range top: D5 | Vocal range bottom: Bb3
Agatha Trunchbull: The quintessential terrifying tyrant. As headmistress, she runs her school like a dictator, making up arbitrary rules to suit her every whim and dreaming up creative punishments. Vocal range top: F#5 | Vocal range bottom: C4
Rudolpho: Mrs. Wormwood’s self-obsessed dance teacher.
Sergei: A custoner swindled by Mr. Wormwood.
Ensemble: Roles include Russians, Kids, Mums, Dads, the Cook, and the Mechanic.
Artisan Children’s Theater is well known for using children (18 and under) in productions designed to entertain, inspire and educate other children and families. This unique opportunity of children performing for children provides youth of all ages a chance to learn and master performing arts on-stage, in front of live audiences. The enormous success of this inspired program has impacted thousands of children throughout the community and continues to grow each year.
Hope to see you there!

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