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Auditions for the Newport Theatre Arts Center 2022 Reader’s Theatre Summer Festival will be held at Newport Theatre Arts Center (2501 Cliff Drive, Newport Beach, Ca. 92663) at 7 pm June 20th and 21st with callbacks on June 22nd if necessary. Actors will cold read from the scripts. There is no pay.
Actors will cold read from Nobody Loves a Telemarketer by Sean Engard, The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl, The Sleeper by Catherine Butterfield and a fourth play, either And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie or The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde (TBD).
Each play will run for one weekend, beginning July 22nd. Performances will be Friday and Saturday evenings plus a Sunday matinee.
We will be following all Covid-19 precautions at auditions as directed by the city of Newport Beach, the State, and the CDC.
Synopses and Breakdowns:
Nobody Loves a Telemarketer by Sean Engard
Synopsis: Martin, a man with a debilitating fear of rejection, is telemarketing to support the theatre that he loves with his theatrically snarky co-worker, Harry, who aims to get fired from his job. While Martin fails at making calls, Harry makes calls to fail. But when a kind and charismatic new employee arrives, the two must step up their game. See what happens when Harry goes too far and Martin not far enough.
Character Breakdown:
MARTIN: (M, 20’s – 30’s) An uncomfortable introvert trying to make the most of a bad situation, but possibly just making it worse for himself.
HARRY: (M, 30’s) As unprofessional as he is unkempt, he cares for no ones’ feelings but his own (and possibly Martin’s).
CASEY: (F, 20’s – 30’s) A kind-hearted optimist, who sees the best in people though sometimes it is really hard.
BERNIE: (M, 30’s – 40’s) A ray of sunshine over the phone, but a dismal dark cloud everywhere else. He is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the phone lines.
DANIELLE (DAN): (F, 20’s – 30’s) A take charge, no-nonsense lesbian who is the mother hen of the telemarketing branch coupled with Stephanie.
STEPHANIE (STEPH): (F, 20’s – 30’s) A sensible, sassy, and affectionate counterpart to Danielle.
JACK: (M, 30’s – 40’s) A disgruntled, unstable individual on the receiving end of a telemarketing call and the entire office’s antics.
The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl
Synopsis: A whimsical comedy about love and redemption.
Character Breakdown:
MATILDE: (Female, 25 to 35) A maid from Brazil who can tell a helluva joke. (Character has lines in both Portuguese and English.)
LANE: (Female, 35 to 45) A serious doctor. She is the perfect victim of her own perfectionism.
VIRGINIA: (Female, 35 to 45) Lane’s older sister. A bitter housewife who secretly loves cleaning.
ANNA (Female, 45 to 65) A Brazilian woman who exudes grace.
CHARLES: (Male, 45 to 60) Lane’s husband. A surgeon who falls in love with Anna when he performs a mastectomy on her.
The Sleeper by Catherine Butterfield
Synopsis: A suburban “security mom,” shell-shocked by the new post 9/11 reality, finds herself irresistibly drawn to her son’s tutor, a handsome young man with political leanings far different from her own. Her “awakening” leads to a bizarre series of events that blow the lid off her previously sheltered existence and change the lives of all around her. This dark and slightly zany comedy won the 2004 Kaufman and Hart Award.
Character Breakdown:
Please note that the age ranges given below are flexible. Actors of all ethnicities, body types, etc. are encouraged to audition.
GRETCHEN: (Female, early 30’s to mid 40’s) A housewife and mother in an unsatisfying marriage. She meets Matthew while attending an anthrax awareness seminar at the local community college, initiating an affair which turns her life upside-down.
BILL: (Male, early 30’s to mid 40’s) Gretchen’s self-centered husband. He is far more interested in his company’s upcoming IPO than his family. Serves as a narrator for much of the action we observe on stage.
VIVIEN: (Female, mid 30’s to late 40’s) Gretchen’s older sister. She aspires to be a great actress, but an obvious lack of talent prevents her from achieving her goals. She has a two-faced relationship with Gretchen, undermining her while providing the illusion of emotional support. Like Bill, she acts as a narrator for much of the drama unfolding around the characters.
MATTHEW: (Male, early to mid 20’s) An attractive young tutor, part sensualist and part revolutionary. His relationship with Gretchen begins as a fiery passion but evolves into something far more enigmatic.
THREE ACTORS: (One Male, One Female, Open on gender of third actor) to play multiple supporting roles, including a highly unorthodox THERAPIST, a TOY STORE SALESMAN who peddles much more than dolls and board games, an ANTHRAX EXPERT, and a TERRORISM EXPERT, among others.

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