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Michaela P. Shelton

various roles

Production title: Reckless Behavior: The Series
Type: Digital Series
Project length: 10 episodes/ 30 minutes ea.
Shooting location: Bay Area, CA. (Primarily the East Bay).
Director/ Writer: Michaela P. Shelton.
UNPAID – but gratitude/acknowledgements for being in a critically acclaimed digital series, credits and online downloadable copy.
SHOOTING DURATION: Mid 2022 (Specific Dates TBD)
MUST BE AVAILABLE: Weekends (We work with your schedule when selecting the day and time to film scenes).
Craft: Water provided on set.
Logline: Michaela Holloway is a post college black millennial and aspiring writer, who navigates through life attempting to find herself and avoid reckless behavior.
Synopsis: Twenty- six year old Michaela Holloway has been struggling to find a job she is passionate about ever since she graduated from college. Besides battling her insecurities, she also has to deal with obstacles such as a stalker ex boyfriend, a dysfunctional family and an inconsiderate roommate.
Objective: The purpose of this digital series is to remind millennials of color that they are not alone in the struggle and promote the beauty and culture of the Bay.

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