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Chris Smith

various roles

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Auditions! Really proud of this insane ride and need the people to come play for Christmas! Someone plays with this head and then goes to IKEA!
“The Stupidest Angel” by Christopher Moore
Adapted for the stage by Chris Smith
Directed by Michael Coleman
Auditions August 14th at 7pm – 10pm
Rehearsals begin October 10
Show run November 18 – December 18th
Cast: 6 men, 5 women
Gas Stipend for all cast will be supplied
Come join us for the silliest, weirdest and zombiest play we’ve ever attempted! This is a wild, nutty ride to end our season on. If you wanna fight zombies, or be one, this is your show!
Available roles below:
Theophilus Crowe – male, 40-55 – Theo is the town constable and
“former” resident pothead. Capable and relaxed. Amiable. A good man in a tight spot, who can roll with the punches.
Molly Michon – female, 40-55 – Molly is a former B-movie actress, who is off her meds (to save money for her husband’s X-mas gift). Volatile and unpredictable. Loving and passionate. Ultimately capable.
Tucker Case – male. 35-45 – Tucker is new in town, arriving to fly
helicopter for the DEA. Quick witted and odd. A former ladies man. The friendliest, good kind of sociopath.
Mavis Sand – female, 70+ – Mavis has lived in the town forever. Owner of the Head of the Slug saloon. Acerbic and gravelly. Sassy and sexual. This actor also plays Esther, the dead schoolteacher.
Narrator 1 – male, 35-55, plays Gabe Fenton, Malcolm, Boy 2 – Gabe is a behavioral field biologist, the town’s crazy science guy, and Theo’s pal. A bit stir crazy. Malcolm is the town’s deceased antique book seller.
Narrator 4 – male, 30’s, plays Ben, Roberto, Marty – Ben is a former
high school jock who peaked in high school. Roberto is a fruit bat owned/parented by Tucker Case. Marty was the town’s radio personality until a run in with a carjacker 20 years
Narrator 5 – female, 35-55, plays Val, Bess, Boy 1 – Val is the town
psychiatrist who has recently ended her relationship with Gabe. She is very smart, clinical, and potentially kinky. Bess is the former wife
a rancher who poisoned her. She no longer believes in
The roles of Lena Marquez, Dale Pearson, Narrator 2, and Narrator 3 are precast.

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