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  • December 17, 2021

JJH Production Company

WILLIS (Male 15-18) Goofy, outgoing

Location: Columbus

Type: Student Films

In the small town of Cape Milton lives 16 year old fraternal twins Willow and Willis Reedman. Willow, a grade A student, responsible, kind and her three minuets younger brother Willis, a grade average, slightly less responsible but all-around good guy, have supernatural experiences on the anniversary of their Mothers tragic death. The twins notice they’re changing and not just in your normal teenage way… They go to their grandparents who’ve raised them since their mothers demise for questions and they receive unexpected answers, The twins find out about their family history, a history steeped in out of this world lore dating all the way back to World War II. From highly advanced technology to monstrous aliens, The twins discover they are gifted with supernatural abilities (thanks to the US government) only for the use of protecting the world from mischievous creatures from outer space that have somehow found their way onto our earth seeking to make a home and havoc. Willow and Willis must rely on their family and two best friends to help In saving the world. Looking for someone to play:

WILLIS (Male 15-18) Goofy, outgoing, resembles his grandfather a lot more than he will admit, Always trying to think of a way to get money and slightly mischievous, Willis is A person that loves to get everything out of life. Go big or go home is a motto he takes a little too seriously. When Wills finds out about the family secret he is amazed, frightened and excited he sees no better way than to get the best out of life then fighting monsters from outer space and the power to move in the blink of an eye, he now considers himself “Superman” which is a thought his sister is gladly to debunk.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Columbus
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Send me a headshot and a reason of what interested you about the story and or character.

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