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Chris English

female 20s-30s

Looks to me as though it is now possible, in limited situations, to shoot again. And so I’d like to.

This is a very informal casting call. Unpaid.

I’m looking for a woman, 20’s to 30’s. Some weekend day soon. Shouldn’t take more than an hour.

I want to shoot you walking through a park, thinking, contemplating, trying but failing to remember. I intend to use it as backing for a music video so entirely nonverbal. Song is a kinda sad, contemplative ballad. I can show you the song and lyrics if interested.

Clothes, hair, makeup entirely up to you. Whatever you think fits the song, the park, and the weather.

Shoot location TBD but will be in San Mateo county unless you can point me to a suitable park and current orders that appear to allow this sort of shoot elsewhere.

It’ll just be the two of us, although you’re welcome to bring a friend if you like. Mask, no mask, some of each, up to you. I will wear a face covering and I intend to stay 6’ away from you the entire time.

I *think* this qualifies as allowed, socially distant “recreation”.

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