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Jocelyn Victoria

Males 18-45

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For the role of the BARD for the Madrelingua film project. The BARD (age approx 18–45) is deeply sensitive, with a voice painfully eloquent, a way of speaking that pulls the listener into ancient pasts with his brooding moods. He perhaps plays an instrument, though not required. The BARD is male identifying gay brother of the protagonist. A royal prince who will risk anything for his sister Seer (who is none other than the Maiden of the Apocalypse), and undergoes the trauma of many eras, including exile and persecution. Deeply sensitive and aware, he is the only one who really believes his sister’s prophetic ravings in a world that socially asphyxiates and criminalizes the Muse. His moody yet ornate elocution transports us through time, until he becomes mute and must express through miming.
The Theatre of Ecstasy is currently forming a dynamic troupe of actors for a surreal play, “MADRELINGUA”, to be filmed in increments as a cinematic theatrical production. The work has been described as “counterculture”, “shocking”, “epic” and verrrrrry mystical. Integrates Ancient Greek text with modern magical realism. Seeking dedicated, devoted, and diverse actors. THIS IS A PASSION PROJECT. Unpaid. Non-Union. Airbnb lodgings provided; must be willing to quarantine for the duration of the shoot sessions. Parking on site at Airbnb and then carpool to my home for shooting. Volunteer basis for the love of creating radical art and dreamscape worlds. Full credit and IMDb. Food and travel are your own responsibility. **Acting coaching offered as a rich and dynamic component of the immersion, inspired by my studies in Adler Technique and metaphysics, neurobiology and neuroanthropology.
The work will be filmed at my home in Cambridge, VT in segments, multiple three week periods over a year or so. First three week period is Nov 12-Dec 2, second is Jan 4-25. Airbnb apartment provided here in Jeffersonville/Cambridge, Vermont.
The passion and purpose fueling this vision is to showcase the shunned Siren, celebrate the outcasts of society, reveal and give Voice to what has lain hidden or dormant, heal from eons of trauma and resurrect the inner Muse that guides us all.
Project Synopsis:
Once upon a time, there was a Maiden, blessed with the gift of prophecy.
Some called her mad. Apollo, wanting to claim credit for her gift, put upon her a curse: to never be believed…Because she refused to lie with him.
The Maiden suffered from an unknown and incurable disease, causing her to lay eggs, containing a plethora of ancient records, libraries, scrolls and prophecies. The queer cripple spurned men from her bed (except Satan), preferring women and androgynes. She even refused God from her virgin crown.
And above all, she was known for Her Voice. Magical cities would rise from its sound. For this, kings tried to capture her, to use her power for their slanted purpose.
Many times they tried to kill her, yet at the end of every civilizations’ reign, she would appear to prophecy its doom.
Some say she dwells among us still, yet her origin and cause of disease remain unknown.
Jocelyn Woods is a theatre artist in Cambridge, VT, with a severe neuromuscular disability, semi-bedridden and homebound for 17 years.
MADRELINGUA, a screenplay written and directed by Jocelyn, who plays the Maiden, will be filmed in her bedroom.
The play, presented by the Theatre of Ecstasy, to be filmed in increments during 2021-2022, follows the Maiden’s travels through time, from Lemuria to Ancient Troy to modern times. Interspersed with adaptations from Greek texts, Jocelyn’s script is a feature length epic with phantasmagorical characters of diverse gender, sexuality and body, represented by a diverse cast.
Resurrecting a Voice that has long been shunned and unsung, she is the Maiden of the Apocalypse.
Contribute to the unveiling of the Muse, that from one queer cripple’s bedroom all kingdoms shall hear the blasphemous Siren’s song.

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