• Film
  • Granville
  • October 21, 2020

‎Brandon Riley‎

background talent

Be an EXTRA in a MOVIE!
Project: Adeline – Feature Film Based on a True Story that happened in Columbus, Ohio in 2002.
About the Project: The movie is a family friendly story about autism awareness, the healing power of horses and the strength of a community coming together to make a difference.
Dates: various dates Oct. 20th – Nov 7th 2020
Locations: various locations near Granville (near Columbus) and surrounding areas
Al positions listed are volunteer
Covid-19 Precautions: All Extras will be asked to come wearing a masks during the duration of the shoot (we will provide them as well if you are missing one).
Will this be a safe set? Yes. Our CAST and CREW will be tested frequently. We will be wearing masks (except actors during the shoot). We will have hand sanitizing pumps, PPE and we will have a Covid Compliance Officer on set to keep everyone safe. Numerous films and tv shows are now filming using these practices!
Times: Most positions will last between 4-6 hours. There are a few will we may need you the entire day! You can work one or multiple days.

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