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October Yates‎

Actors must be comfortable around gore.

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ACTORS NEEDED for Bellingham Horror Short: BOOGEY

SYNOPSIS: “Fenton is grounded for sneaking out of his room at night. His parents don’t believe that the Boogeyman is in his closet. Fenton makes a deal with the Boogeyman to frighten his parents, a decision he might regret later…”


April 19th – Daytime

April 20th – Evening

April 21st – Evening


FENTON: 6th grader, shy and timid, with a fairly sinister streak, tends to lash out when he is misunderstood. Fenton is having trouble adjusting to the new house he is living in with his mother and stepfather, especially with the creature in his closet.

BETTY: (35-40) Works with the community, having trouble communicating with Fenton. Ever since she has gotten together with Mark, she has put up with the two clashing ever since and feels stuck in the middle.

MARK: (35-40) Struggles to communicate with Fenton as well, he wants to be a father figure to Fenton, however, Mark’s authoritarian behavior and condescending demeanor tend to get in the way.

BOOGEYMAN: (a few millennia) A nightmarish, mysterious, fear-mongering creature from another plain of existence, who behaves like the Grim Reaper. It does not kill children but warns children to never tell parents about him, or they will die. A very dark, sinister sense of humor, often mocks the children he scares. Sometimes known as Mr. Silit-nl, but that’s a whole different story.

Actors must be comfortable around gore.

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